The aviation industry’s solution to mission-critical business-to-business communications.

AviNet Type B messaging delivers an unbeatable combination of high value and low cost. AviNet Type B messaging is used for a variety of message types:

  • passenger reservations,
  • aviation weather data,
  • flight planning

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AviNet for GLOBALink ACARS®, Flight Planning and Aviation Weather Data


ARINC has operated an IATA Type B and Type A message switching service since the early 1960s.

Over 700 companies depend on our network, enabling them to effectively communicate and share vital information with business partners, operators, and applications globally.Find out more

AviNet by ARINC | Aviation Message Handling Solutions for Mission Critical Transmissions


Superior technical advantages of Type B messaging

AviNet's messaging services are built on a technologically advanced platform that provides high availability and throughput; it delivers reliability and performance, including 24x7 network management and customer service that has yet to be surpassed.Find out more

More Efficient Aircraft Communications Infrastructure with AviNet by ARINC


ARINC’s consultative approach

Type B can be perceived as complex and confusing. This idea is perpetuated by the historical nature of the many airline’s messaging environments – deletions, additions over the years by different people can make it an unmanageable mass of information.Find out more